Fishery Rules & FAQ

We keep it Simple but Sensible

We will go through the rules and the out of bounds areas with you when you arrive at Wildmoor Waters, but to answer the most frequently asked questions we have compiled a short list below -

Are Nuts allowed?

No "freebie" nuts of any description are allowed.

Are bait boats allowed?

Yes, as long as they remain in your 'swim'.

Can I use lead core?

No, Leadcore & fixed leads are not permitted.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed on site at Wildmoor Waters.

What hooks are permitted?

Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only.

Can I use Braid?

No, not as mainline, but it can be used as a hook length.

What size Landing Net?

A minimum size of 46" landing net will be required.

What is the Lake record?

The abolsute lake record is a common at 40-10 (2015)
Novice anglers must be accompanied by an experienced Carp angler and must be supervised at all times.
For a copy of our detailed Fishery Rules please click here

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Wildmoor Waters is closed to Angler’s effective 1st November 2019.  

The fishery is under new ownership and fishing will be paused for around 12 months to enable a building program to be completed.